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Shattering Expectations

Let me start out by saying this is not a Partisan post - but I must admit after the historical event of Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016 - I was truly inspired by a man who absolutely shattered expectations.

Regardless of where you stand with Donald J. Trump, it is undeniable that ALL the pundits, the supposed political experts said Donald Trump had no chance at winning the presidency. How could this outsider stand a chance at the game of politics, when all he'd ever done was build a corporation and play with casinos?

Well, it is safe to say he shattered their expectations.

But it doesn't end there.

The experts said, "Ha! Trump will never be able to debate with the other candidates. He doesn't have the temperament to hang with the politicians."

Well, not only did he shatter those expectations in a field of several candidates, but the most experienced one in the field.

Then when he had the perfect "Now she'll get what she deserves" moment that probably half his supporters wanted, he beat the expectations again; the brash New Yorker didn't brag; he didn't gloat. He gave an acceptance speech that congratulated his opponent for a hard fight, and looked forward to a way to bring the country together.

Why do I find this inspirational?

I am inspired to shatter some expectations myself - that's why.

I have written five novels, and self-published four of them. I have become a training officer in a police department. I have done some things that if you'd known me when I was young, you never would have expected me to end up where I am. That is nowhere near the amazing event from yesterday, but I'm also not finished with trying to get where I want to go.

First of all, I remember growing up, having a problem with my temper, getting into fights, or turning a play fight or horseplay into a fight because of my temper. I remember when I first considered going into law enforcement, and I honestly can't recall exactly which friend, but he asked me, "Fort, are you sure about this? You don't think the old temper could be a problem?"

I can look back at that now and chuckle a little, considering now I have been in law enforcement for going on six years, and my specialty is teaching others how to verbally de-escalate...use verbal judo if you will - to diffuse a potentially violent situation. So you could say I shattered some expectations there - even for myself.

Now let's go back to writing. When I was a kid, my parents could tell you, I hated to read. I especially hated to read what I was told to read. And I really hated writing, especially those assignments I was forced to write. Not in a million years, if you'd told me when I was a little kid, would I have believed you if you said I would grow up to write novels. Once again, shattering some expected things, totally defying what I expected so long ago.

Now let's look at self-publishing. Some family members and friends still think I should've been more patient, maybe try giving traditional publishing a longer go. But good old' stubborn and impatient Jason went on and did his own thing...put a really cool story together, and sent a rough version out there to the rest of the world, not even knowing too much about self-publishing or self-promotion yet. And I am willing to bet, since I haven't seen much money from it yet, Jason and his rash decisions will just amount to a good productive way he can spend his time if nothing else.

But I've got news for ya. There have been plenty of people throughout history who were expected to do one thing, whether it was because people had doubt in those people's abilities, or something like that person had never been seen before. Donald Trump is probably the most obvious and recent example of that, and as I said before - I am inspired.

So what do I do with this? I tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to defy even my own expectations, and I am going to write that best seller. I will keep helping people feel safe along the way...but one day; it may be two years; it may be five years; it may be twenty years. But one of these days, I am going to TRUMP what everyone expected from the little kid who hated to read. That is of course, unless God has other plans :)

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