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Putting on the Mantle

See Video of speech from Batman

Batman showed up help fight evil as usual.

It has been awesome today, as I took the day off to go for a physical at the doctor, at an awkwardly timed appointment - and everywhere I went, people were wearing superhero t-shirts. Pictures have popped up all day; all week even, to commemorate the loss of a little 6 year old boy. That six year old boy was taken from us, the community, by the forces of evil. But it has been amazing that instead of so many people lashing out in anger and hatred towards the person who was an instrument of that evil - the community has united. They've all united to remember. They've united in hope.

In the video of Batman speaking at the memorial service, he said it all. God used Jacob's death to show the world how to do it right.

So people assumed their mantles. They wore their shiny blue or black and yellow colors. They wore the webbed red with blue accents, or muscle-bound green colors. And they wore those mantles; those costumes who represented their heroes - out of love.

This nation's mainstream media likes to politicize events like this and portray the south as just some gun toting, racist region of the country. Well, Jacob and his family have helped prove otherwise today. Batman proved otherwise today. PEOPLE proved otherwise today by embracing a child lost, yet hoping his life and his belief in Jesus, the greatest hero of them all, would spread a little love around.

God bless the Hall family, and their positive handling of such a tragedy. God bless the community of Townville, SC - and may this tragedy prove to the rest of the nation how #Townvillestrong you are!

God bless Heroes for Higher for giving the time and efforts to bring some solidarity and even some excitement to the community to unite after tragic events. Thank you, Batman, or whoever you are under that mask, for assuming the mantle, and using it to promote love for a little hero lost.

What if we all do something I think little Jacob would have wanted. What if we all assume a mantle; the mantle of Jesus Christ - through our actions...through our spirit...through our faces...through our hearts - and we wear that mantle everywhere we go to the end of our days. If the whole southeast and even abroad can wear costumes and superhero t-shirts for Jacob, what can we do for Jesus? I think Jacob, just a 6 year old boy, knew that answer.

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