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David and the Bully

I was talking to a dear friend today about how the stress from things I write and current events kind of has me in a rut, but I couldn't just stop what I'm doing. He made a great suggestion and said perhaps I could just re-direct some of those positive lessons in the form of a children's biblical story. So here it is - my first Biblical Kids story in the form of none other than a story about taking on the Bully at school. The story it parallels is quite obvious I believe...but that's the whole point. Enjoy!

Little David looked out from the top of the hill

But he didn’t like what he could see.

There below him stood a mean old kid named Will

And he’d already been fightin’, being mean as he could be.

Will was a bully; the biggest and meanest in the school

Every day at lunch, he’d pick some lonesome kid.

He’d kick’em, and punch’em, and break every rule

No matter what his victims ever said or did.

David had seen Will pick fights, and pound other students to the ground.

He’d told himself the madness had to stop.

His pals even warned, “He’ll punch you, and kick you, and knock you down.”

But what David saw this day had sent him over the top.

He’d told his dad about the bully one school night before bed.

“Dad, he’s mean - and I just wanna help my friends if I can.”

His dad looked him in the eye, David would never forget what he said,

“Son, sometimes you just have to make a stand.”

So David took a deep breath and told himself, “That’s it!”

He sauntered down the path that led right up to Will.

He didn’t give him a warning, just swung and delivered one big hit

Will threw his hands up to his nose, and for a moment just stood still.

The bully stared back at David, and seemed about to charge

But David noticed he gave Will a bloody nose.

And although to everyone, Will appeared quite large

A kid from the swing set yelled, “Down he goes!”

Will uncovered his nose and the blood poured down

Then the bully wobbled on his feet to and fro.

David may have been smaller, but he looked around;

The whole playground knew he’d delivered a mighty blow.

Weeks went on by, and you can go by there now

Will ain’t no bully to anyone anymore.

But if you ask the kids, they all remember how

Little David stood up and settled the score.

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