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Story Ideas

So - here is a Jason Fort the author BRAIN STORM !

There are the stories that jump into my head as I drive down the road or stand under the water in the shower... Some of these will definitely find their way to Amazon, and maybe beyond.


1. Hunting Parties (Book 2 of The Hunters)

Join in a little less than six months after the events in Tracking Game, to a fractured America…Most of the country without electricity due to the EMP blasts by the Sheikh’s martyrs. The Southeast has united as one country in-tact and kept out the Muslim invaders. Meanwhile, the rest of the former country is in ruins and sent back to days of the Old West, but Sharia Law is enforced heavily in the Muslim controlled areas. Throughout the more mountainous regions, especially in the Rcoky Mountain area, pockets of resistance have set up strongholds and independent yet isolated small towns. Malik and the Order are helping wage a war against the Muslims by infiltrating their bases and assassinating their leaders. Over in Europe, Naseem and Knox have joined Rebekah in changing the Hearts in Islam, and that alone has its share of danger.

2. Dead Silence (Book 2 of The Brady Chronicles)

Story is told in 3rd person, but two points of view. Start out with Zhana Brechka, the unique Belarusian girl from Mistaken, with her back story and her present status as a fugitive for killing the head of the Stahleknikov crime family. Months have passed since then, and the USA has undergone a major Muslim invasion. Since Zhana never made it far out of Michigan, it doesn’t take her long to encounter a band of thuggish Islamic soldiers who immediately want to take advantage of her vulnerability. Although she fights off her first attacker, another violent radical Muslim injures her in such a way a to cause her to be deaf. Enter Stage right – Robert Brady, who has been surviving in various wildernesses in the United States, remaining off the grid and becoming a self sufficient machine. Yet something about Zhana’s beauty reminds Brady of a distant time and place, and he rushes in and kills her assailants with extreme prejudice. He soon discovers she is mostly deaf as a result of her attack, but decides to take her on as a tag-along for her own safety. As they spend time together trying to avoid running into too large of a force of invading Muslim bands, Robert Brady sympathizes with Zhana and finds a way to tell her of his occasional trips into the cities to get some goods not available in the wilds – and of rumors he has heard of safe zones from Radical Islam across the sea. Her homeland of Belarus, though completely under Russian control, is such a place. So the book follows them on their journey to help Zhana find a flight back to her home and an encounter with her father – but will things work out the way they plan?

3. Medal of Honor

This is going to be a stand alone novel co-authored with my own son, Jay. Jay came up with the entire plot, and I just helped him structure and order events in the story. The book will start out with an annual family get-together with the main hero of the story, who has his grandchildren all gathered around as he tells them old war stories from WWII. Our hero is holding the Medal of Honor awarded to him for great valor and bravery during war time in the war theatre of Europe. As the grandfather retells the events that lead up to the receiving of the honorable award, he reminisces the men he lost along the way. He describes to his grandkids how despite overcoming insurmountable odds after his bomber crashed in northern France, it was actually someone else who deserved the medal more than he did. We haven’t started this one officially yet, but the story exists in the form of my son’s very own short story he did for school. We will use that short story as our framework for the novel, and add plenty of research and real places in history to bring this father-son coop to life on the Kindle pages!

4. A Man Named Raeford

Going to resurrect an old novel I started writing way back in 2002, but lost the file due to a corrupted hard drive. It’s the mid 1980’s; Raeford is a good old boy from North Carolina who happens to be a former Marine. He is pretty well known all over town, but works the late shift in a convenient store off the interstate. The store just happens to be a convenient stop over for a couple of mobsters making a little drive up from Florida after ‘taking care of some business’ down south. While Raeford is checking the mobsters out at his cash register, an armed robber busts in and holds up the store. After making the mistake of turning his gun on the head mobster of the duo, Raeford takes advantage of the robber’s distraction and hits him over the head with a baseball bat. Once the mobsters see the unconscious bandit lying in the floor, they surprise Raeford by taking his bat away and commencing to beat the unconscious robber to death. Suddenly Raeford is an important witness, and the mobster who happens to be the son of a major crime boss feels indebted to Raeford for his intervention. His solution is taking Raeford with them to New York, were Raeford gets to meet the family.

5. Aftermath

Evan Fowler is a Christian young man in a small town in Kansas who has everything, and all the potential in the world to be a great athlete…yet seems lost in the world. Evan looks up to his two brothers, but feels like he just can’t quite live up to expectations. His oldest brother is a church youth director, and invites Evan one day to come with the youth group for a fun day of bowling, movies, and dinner. After some fun with his oldest brother, on their way to the youth group’s favorite place to eat, the weather changes quick, and before they know it, there’s a traffic jam on the highway. The group has no choice but to abandon their van and head for an overpass for shelter from a large approaching tornado. As the group of middle and high schoolers head up to the large columns of the overpass, they have to split into two groups. Because of Evan’s size and strength, his brother James sends him over with a group of middle schoolers and yells for the kids to hang on to Evan. James takes the rest of them with him to another column nearby – and that is when the fury of God hits. Just as Evan and James squint as they look into each other’s eyes, the wind becomes too great even under the overpass, and the two are forced to close their eyes. It is at that moment that Evan prays with all his might, and hopes beyond hope that God will save them. As the young middle schoolers all wrap around different parts of Evan like his waist, and arms, and even legs, he is holding on for dear life to his column. He is miraculously imbued with phenomenal supernatural strength, so much so that impressions from his fingers are left in the concrete yellow and black columns. But in the aftermath, Evan’s brother James and the kids that had held on to him are the ones missing. The story goes on to follow Evan as he forms a new bond with his middle brother, while taking on a new journey as college athlete and student volunteer at the local boys home by day; community savior in the city by night.

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