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WHAT'S NEXT? It doesn't matter - we've been told the ending

John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

These words give us hope, if you believe.

In a tumultuous time, when the environment is becoming harsher; where politicians are corrupt and evil; where race wars are incited; where terrorism runs rampant; where nobody can afford health care; where the law followers are punished and the law breakers are rewarded; where man wants to kill and hurt man; where snap decisions and judgements are made; where the rule of law is fading; where accountability is lost...COULDN'T WE ALL USE A LITTLE HOPE?!

As I stood behind my laptop where it sits on my bartop in the kitchen, I watched news updates unfold on my Facebook from different news agencies about the tragic events in Dallas. I had struggled through a day in my law enforcement job before getting to attempt to relax in front of my computer tonight, frustrated with things I had read about all day involving the officer involved shootings, sensing off and on throughout the day special stares just because I was wearing a badge and a gun. I also struggled with the last call of my day where I tried to help a vulnerable adult whose family situation and psychological situation was so bad, I felt almost helpless to assist her until I finally reached the right people. I keep wanting to ask God above, 'WHY?!'

But then God answered me with this verse. It hit me like a lightning bolt, or maybe a 'Godsmack' across the back of my head saying, 'Silly child - remember when I said this?' And I was brought back to the reality I can find in my faith, that is, if I truly believe.

I was reminded that despite all this chaos, and disaster, and evil...I already know that Jesus has conquered it all. I already know that time is but a finite thing to an all powerful Lord and Creator of all things, therefore He has already won this battle. If I believe Jesus is who He said He was - and if there is to be any real hope in this world, then He has to be who He said He was - then there is what some people would call a fairy-tale ending, only it is TRUTH, in its purest form. The good Lord up above reminded me that despite all the fear, and dread, and anger, and frustration, and worry, and anxiety, and puzzlement...there is hope to be found. That hope is in Jesus Christ.

Here's the real good news. That hope in which I so available to any one of you. It is not forced upon you, but rather offered freely to you because it was already paid for by someone else - God's Son. If you are struggling as I have mentally with seeing and absorbing all this negativity going on around us, it is easier than you think to find hope.

Shall I still keep trying to warn people of the dangers I sense are coming? Maybe; maybe not. But if I have a forum to share my knowledge, and what I know to be TRUE in my heart of hearts, then I better put it out there now. So that the lost can know that they are so easily found, by the All Powerful God that loves them and offers salvation - to those that believe.

God bless everyone out there. Pray we find peace soon, even if it is temporary repreival until the End of Days...but Pray for thanks for forgiveness along the way, and I pray for the hope of us all.

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