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The Keyboard is More Powerful than the AR-15

"It [writing] is a dangerous pursuit….But it's one of the most important things that human beings do."----Toni Morrison

The article above may be about social activism, but the point that was hammered home to me as I read it was that the old cliche, "The pen is mightier than the sword," can still ring true, and Ms. Morrison and others in the black community have used that to their advantage.

These days, however, people seem to be infatuated with the so-called "Assault Rifle" (which is NOT what AR stands for), and how much damage the GUN seems to inflict. What the media has so inadvertently proven to me, however, is how powerful words can be, and how written word - or rather, TYPED word, can influence MILLIONS!

Words typed on a page and transferred to the digital world have caused more division in this country and in this world than your average person ever thought. Words have offended more people, and lit more fires, than any single AR-15. The sword these days, GUNS, are the hot topic right now. But what we need to realize is that words are causing more harm, and inciting more chaos than anything else out there, because of the information age. People can read anything in any language on the internet, and what they read influences them in one way or the other.

Look how important even simple things like e-mails (cough, cough - HIllary!) have become. Sure, their importance has been masked over by the media...but how did they accomplish that? By their management of WORDS and the power to influence millions.

I propose an idea - instead of rousing the public into disarray and chaos, let's solve some problems with words. Let's inform others, as many people as we can, with words of encouragement. Let's inform our leaders, not with complaints, but solutions, on how to fix the mess we are in as a country. If those leaders are unwilling to listen to the people, then they're not proper leaders and must be replaced. Words need to be used when the time is right to inform about those poor leaders so that better leaders can be put into place. Let's inform people again how we used to appreciate words like liberty, and freedom, and how the definitions of these words now have been twisted and perverted by both the media and government leaders who wish to control us. Instead of getting into political debates on-line, use any words of brilliance you feel like you have to offer to write a book. Put that book together in organized fashion, and present it to the world as a possible solution to problems. Or present information to the world in story form, so that people can enjoy a story, rather than argue.

I don't have all the solutions to all problems, though I feel like if we turned as a people to God, we could solve more than we do - but I do realize the power of words. Ms. Morrison and other authors in social activism realize the power in words. The elite in control in the world definitely understand the power of words. If a lot of us realize how powerful words can be, and channel those words to a better purpose...perhaps there can be a little more hope in this world. Of course, Jesus is the real hope in the world - but until more people realize that, use your words to offer solutions. Just this writer's two cents - may they be powerful enough to rival a gun.

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