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The Trickle Down Effect

So now schools in North Carolina want to do away with valedictorians and salutatorians? What's next?

Perhaps we can look at the highest office in the land, and see how things from there trickle down to spread out to the rest of society. Mainly the weak-minded...but it seems to be a problem that is actually not hard to identify.

Let's start at the top then, shall we. Go back to 2009. Mr. President Barack Obama received one of the most coveted awards in the world - the Nobel Peace Prize (which may I remind people, comes with a measly million dollar bonus). What did the man do up to that point that warranted such a prize? Seriously - the man had been in state politics and a senator, and hadn't exactly been in a position to make the world a better place. Shall we look at his record since (ISIS, Police - public relations, lack of support for Israel, lack of proper response to terror attacks in Europe, etc)?

Now, if you haven't heard or read from various sources that Obama wants to dissolve American exceptional-ism...look it up elsewhere - but it's out there. What do you think getting rid of valedictorians and salutatorians will do? Everything Obama has tried to bring about in this country has been about making a very even playing field, so-to-speak, for everyone...from the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act, to the mutilation of the military - the man has accomplished exactly that. We are no longer exceptional. So is it any wonder that this effect has found its way to our schools?

Professional athletes like Ray Lewis and DeAngelo Williams have commented on the problem with rewarding everyone with a participation ribbon, and not rewarding the efforts of the people who excel. If the so-called 'dumb jocks' can see the problem with it, why can't the intellectual elite? Even members of the committee that originally selected 'Barry' as the award winner state they regret their decision. Some have even gone so far as to say that the decision did not have the desired effect they intended on world affairs and Obama's power position in the world. Imagine that; giving someone an award that they didn't earn didn't help them...who'da thought?

So if the highest office in the land can have a President receive awards for doing nothing special (especially since he hadn't even been in office for a full year yet), why wouldn't we want to just give everyone in schools equal awards? Is it because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings?


In a time where politically correct is the 'right way' to be, and we seem to want to avoid hurt feelings at all costs - surprisingly, that is not what's going on here.

It is intentional. This trickle down effect has been engineered from the start - and why? Because it all comes back to control. If you can control the masses, especially by convincing them to just accept what you say and follow suit, then you can convince the people of anything. Do I know what the final goal or objective of this elite agenda may be? No; I can only speculate (which makes for fun novels). But you are naive if you can't see it.

Thankfully there are those of us who are not weak-minded. There are those of us who can reason and think for ourselves, and figure some of this stuff out. If you read this and it offends you, guess what - you may not fall in the category of the strong-willed and strong-minded. But I digress...

If nothing else after you read this, you can perhaps at least understand the trickle down effect. Now - what to write about next...hmmmm. Maybe we will tackle - accountability.

Y'all have a good one.

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