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To The Offended

Dear Offended I have a question...what exactly isn't offensive out there? And when you happen to see something 'offensive', how long are you forced to stare at it? If you see a symbol that 'offends' you, do you have the sudden urge to gouge out your eyes? And if so, do you feel like someone forced you to look at the 'offensive' image? I mean were you held down in such a way that you could not pry your eyes away? Could you not turn your head? Or were you unable to avert your eyes? In order to not offend you, do I have to only talk about food or word count if I write a book? Or does the food need to be kosher or halal? Am I allowed to write anything speculative, or will that enter your mind and invade and make you lack the will power it takes to ignore it? Can I write about stories with my family, or will it offend you that I happen to be white, and heterosexual, and in a monogamous relationship with my wife...and we had a child - dare I say - biologically? Am I allowed to show a picture of a church? Or will that cross sitting on top of the steeple burn an image in your mind that hurts your feelings and makes you feel guilty for every sin you ever committed? Can I speak of American icons, such as the American flag, and can I even mention the colors red, white, and blue? Or will that remind you too much of the country that for the last several decades has been the world's police and philanthropist? Can I mention anything of conservative value? Or will that hurt the feelings of the many free-loaders who are offended by the word WORK as well? Please, Offended, I really must know. I need these questions answered. I want to know how not to offend so many out there. I would like to write a book...but then, maybe that will offend the illiterate as well. I will look for a reply. However please know - I will only understand your reasoning if I lower my IQ! If you can relate to this post, please share! Sincerely, A Fed Up American

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