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"Do what makes sense." It's my mantra, right up there with 'better safe than sorry'. I have been telling my son this phrase ever since he was old enough to learn a lesson. But all the news lately, and the news that has inspired me to write a whole novel in the past, and the news hitting so close to home - it's obvious people are not following this idea. It is time people started caring more about using their minds for what matters in this world. If people would just stop and think before they act, their actions might just make a little more sense.I thought I would use this forum to make some suggestions as to how to do this by providing some examples. They may or may not 'make sense' to everyone - but they make perfect sense to me. And if people start to do some of these things, we will all get along better as the human race should. 1. If you are wanted by the police, and you encounter police officers - do what makes sense, and do what the cops say. It is senseless for either you or a police officer to die. You made the mistake of breaking the law; own up to your mistake and move on. Cops don't just go around shooting people. Even the bad ones somehow act because of whatever incident has occurred to bring them on scene in the first place. IT IS SENSELESS to go and do anything that will just make you more wanted by the police. 2. If a rule is in place, set about by some legislative or governing body, just follow the rule. You can question rules, but you still follow them. If a child questions a rule, but does what the parent says regardless, the parent is less apt to discipline for said questioning. In a similar sense, if your manager or boss at work asks you to do something - just do what they ask. If you want to question them about it, address it after you have done what was asked. It is SENSELESS to purposely break a rule, especially if you know there are consequences for doing so (losing your job, getting a spanking, getting grounded, etc. Do What makes sense. 3. If you believe in something different than a friend or acquaintance - fine - share your belief, answer questions, and move on. Chances are pretty good that people who believe in something have reasons for arriving at that decision. If they are interested in why you believe in what you believe, chances are pretty good that you can have a lively discussion about it. But don't get angry because they decide they don't see things your way. It is SENSELESS to think someone HAS to see things your way. I see things a certain way, and I am not shy about it. But those differences I have with others don't mean I can't be friends with others (unless they totally hate law enforcement BECAUSE they don't like following rules; sense I am in law enforcement and I am in the business of enforcing rules, it is a conflict of interest to remain friends with those individuals). Do what makes sense, and get along with those who are different than you. Obviously, if you believe in something that tells you to force everyone to believe what you believe, then this post is irrelevant to you and you can stop reading now; it will be SENSELESS for you to go on. 4. If you get up on any given morning, be grateful that you are alive. Go out and appreciate the world around you. Love the ones your with, and show kindness to others. Whether you are religious or not, you will find that it just makes sense to treat others the way you want to be treated - it is called peace. It is SENSELESS to go out wanting to cause harm to other people just because they wear different clothes, or vote a different way, or like guns and you don't, or have things that you don't, or have access to things you don't. You can still be kind to people despite these differences. 5. If you want to 'Rally' behind someone's cause - awesome...go to that person's rallies. But don't go to a rally of someone you have no interest in supporting, just to cause disorder and get attention. Start a rally of your own if you're that passionate...but you're not going to change the minds of the people already rallying to the cause of the other. THIS IS SENSELESS, so do what makes sense. I am a police officer, but have the privilege of training civilians in self defense and de-escalation. I no longer have to call hop or pull people over on a regular basis. I envy the courage that road officers have this day and age, answering call after call, not knowing what they are going into. If more people would just do what makes sense, and think before they act, and treat other people the way they want to be treated...don't you think we'd all live more peaceful lives?

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