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Pay Attention: Danger and Evil Lurks

I want to share this article in hopes that you read the message...and take it to heart. I work in law enforcement. I do not claim to have the riskiest law enforcement job out there (although there are times when I am at just as much risk as my other brothers and sisters in blue). But I am around other veterans in my field who have seen much worse than me, and I have taken upon myself in this ever-darkening world to learn from the best; to take some real life lessons that could perhaps save not just me, but my family and friends as well. The good news is, even if the worst, most evil-minded predator were to read these words, your chance for survival is still going to be increased because you will already be AWARE - that that individual is out there. And Awareness can help you win a LOT of the potential battles out there before they ever have to happen.

My wife and I were discussing the dangers out there in the real world this morning before I came to work. A shooting had occurred at the local bowling alley, and we read about it right after I had just told my wife that my cohorts at work can just feel things getting worse out there. I told my wife that I feel absolutely called to inform the good people I know - the members of my church, friends, family, fellow believers, non-believers who abhor evil, and anyone who wants to increase their chances out there! So even though I offer training for employees at my place of work, and even though I intend to offer this same training at my church, I wanted to share the most valuable information that can be used by ANYONE, regardless of ability or level of protective aptitude. So here is some key information that I have shared with my wife, that I learned from very valuable friends of mine: First of all...PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS! Wherever you go, whatever you do, keep your head and eyes moving around and looking for things that look 'out of the ordinary'. Always look ahead of where you are there anything suspicious that way? Is there someone out of place that you have never seen in that same way you travel? If you see them before they see you, perhaps go a different way. Speaking of going a different way, my wife thought I was kidding about this...but I wasn't. If you have ever encountered or often encounter people that may hold a grudge against you in any way, perhaps change your routine. Take a different route to work that day. Park in a different spot. Do something in a different order than you always have. Look - we all become creatures of habit. But if someone does want to cause you harm, or if I wanted to cause someone else harm and maybe even get away with it...I would get to know their habits. There is a reason why authors of thrillers, and historians who document events, write about assassins getting to know their victims' habits before killing them. Would someone who is stalking you or harassing you handle things any differently? If this scares you to think about - GOOD! Then it's working; the thought and consideration has already entered your head. Look, I am not saying you walk around paranoid, but pay attention to your surroundings. Become a people watcher. Notice odd behavior; avoid close contact with those oddities. If someone has ill intentions in their eyes when they approach you, get away from them. Don't set yourself up to be a victim. Avoid a situation whenever possible. Does this seem cowardice? Not if you are facing enemies that don't fight fair, and you are just an ordinary citizen in your day to day life, trying to mind your business! A cop, or a soldier, or a guard or officer responsible for protection - they are supposed to look for this activity and go towards it...but NOT YOU if it's not your job. So avoiding things because of certain signs you have seen is half the battle. One of my friends and co-workers and I agree that things are getting more dangerous out there. It is not just the media that pushes this idea. It is the number of incidents that WE actually encounter at work - and we work in a hospital! Folks, I implore you; I beg you - start paying attention to more of your environment. But I don't want you to be that paranoid squirrel who looks around so much that he doesn't know when to cross the road! I want you to be that Seeing Eye Dog that keeps an eye out for your master, and just take the safest path. That alone will increase your chances in this world of not becoming a victim. Just putting this out there makes me feel a little better. We are not promised tomorrow, but the good Lord also put all of us here for a reason. Wouldn't you want to increase your chances of carrying out that purpose for as long as possible? If you read this, your mind is already more aware.

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