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Make Sure You're Riding a Good Bike

Are you cycling through this world on a good bike? And I don't mean in the literal sense (Literally speaking, I don't often ride a bike). Life is full of ups and downs. The hardships we all encounter throughout life are inevitable; there is no way to avoid suffering in this world. It is also kind of rare to never ever have one positive thing in your life happen if one pays attention to their surroundings. Experiencing these positive things and negative things in life, or ups and downs if you will, are very analogous to riding a bicycle through a given course. The way I see it, a cyclist has to have a good bicycle to make it through the toughest of courses. Now this course could have lots of twists, turns, steep climbs, and long racing hills. There can also be all sorts of terrain on the course. If you have a cheaper made, more degradable material that makes up your bicycle, it won't last. If you have a bicycle that doesn't have any extra gears, that can cause problems as well. You can encounter hills too tough to climb. You can also lose control if you pedal too fast down hill. The true cyclists out there want a bicycle they can depend on. Here's the problem - I think all of us start out trying to be the bicycle ourselves. The real problem is evident when we see just how flawed a bicycle we have when we make ourselves the bicycle, and try to take on more than we can handle. We become misguided by other things out there telling us that self-self-self is what you need to rely on. So we keep trying to make it through the course without any help. What if I told you there is a bicycle that was unbreakable? What would you say to getting on a bike that never wears out, and can get you through even the most difficult and challenging courses? Doesn't that sound like the bicycle for you? See, I think God meant for us to just push the pedals; He just wants us to be the cyclists. He will be our unbreakable bicycle. We are born learning how to ride a bike that just gets us by for a while, but God wants you to get on His Bicycle. Live the way God teaches us to in the Bible; give your life to Him and trust him, and all you have to do is keep pedaling. Sure - there will still be tough hills to climb...some suffering to go through. And there will be those steep hills to coast down with the wind in your face, or even race down pedaling hard. But if you are on a good bike, isn't the ride worth it?

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