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Certainty, Peace, and a Day Without Death

I just got back from watching the movie RISEN with my son...and I really liked the movie! I thought it was one of the best Christian films to date. I am not entirely sure of the accuracy of the historical account from the Romans point of view - but it was really neat seeing the story of Jesus told from that perspective. I thought I would share my view on the main points in the movie; I may or may not include a spoiler or two - although, the gist of the story is in the New Testament :) There is a scene where the Roman Tribune, Clavius, is sitting on a mountaintop discussing the finer things in life. In the movie, Jesus is referred to in the Hebrew name - Yeshua. Yeshua comes right out and asks Clavius, who is new to Yeshua's followers post-resurrection - he asks, "What is it you seek most in this world?" This takes the movie watcher back in their minds to a previous conversation between Pontius Pilate, and Pilate had asked Clavius virtually the same question. You can tell that the character of Clavius is pondering the same thoughts he had with Pilate, but before he can answer, Yeshua answers for him..."Certainty...peace...a day without death?" Clavius smiles and nods, not quite sure how Yeshua read his thoughts. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie because Yeshua goes into how what He came to Earth for made it possible to achieve all three of these goals sought by Clavius - and just about every other person who ever lived. So I just want to ask those who read this the following question: Can you think of anything you would want more than knowing you were absolutely right about your belief system, having complete peace, and finally having a day where nobody - I mean nobody - dies? Those of us who believe fully in God's Word know in our hearts that we will find all of these things one day. The possibility of ever seeing a time when we can have all three things listed above is pretty enticing - and here's the kicker: if we're wrong...who cares? We're no worse off than we were when we didn't believe. But if you do not believe, then what exactly do you have hope IN? Perhaps if you've never thought that deeply about it before, you should start to...really - what have you got to lose?

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