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Attack Where the Enemy Isn't

So there I was, sitting there eating my lunch in the crowded cafeteria at the large hospital where I work - my back to a wall, gun at my side, and me in the perfect spot to see anybody and everyone around me. I happened to observe a certain man with dark eyebrows, wearing some sort of red sweater, perhaps with some festive holiday or Christmas design, but nothing that brings clear memory of detail. I watched him pass by and thought nothing else of him, and I continued to eat my sandwich. Shortly after downing the sub sandwich, I began eating my chips. I looked up and in the direction of one of the eateries in the cafeteria, the same man, whom I recognized, began walking directly towards my carefully and intentionally selected corner table - with purpose. The paranoid novelist inside could see something strange unfolding, but the professional in me smiled and acknowledged him with a "Hello - how are you?" The stranger smiled in return, and held two small paper bags from the bakery, and said, "Couldn't help but notice you don't have a dessert. You want chocolate chip, or oatmeal?" I thought for a moment, and said hesitantly, "Chocolate chip?" "Chocolate chip it is, sir. Just wanted to say thank you for your service and what you do. Have a great day." Then he placed the chocolate chip cookie bag down next to me on the table. I replied with a words of thanks, and he nodded and walked on his merry way. So I wolfed down the chocolate chip cookie accordingly, and of course, I started thinking. Although the paranoid, cynical law enforcement officer in me suspected poison, I was overwhelmed by the random act of kindness. And then I realized, at that moment, when he presented me with an unconditional gift - evil was nowhere to be least not in my vicinity. The Bible tells us that God, and His Son, are wherever two or more are gathered in His name. So God, and His Son, have the power to be omnipresent. They can be in several places at once (especially on Sundays, no?) But Satan is shown time and time again in the Bible to only carry out attacks one place at a time. Sure, the 'lord of the air' can mount multiple points of attack with his minions; his demons. But he DOES NOT have the same power as God. So that is what I was thinking about as I realized the absence of evil in that place, at that time...and I started thinking further. What if all this safety and security, and defense training, while serving its purposes, really isn't what God wants us to use in the constant fight against evil until He comes again.? What if...we are supposed to attack where the enemy isn't? In other words, when there is no sign or evidence of evil about us, in the presence of strangers - we kill people with kindness. We 'attack the enemy' by showing random acts of kindness. Then someone else notices those acts, and they pay it forward to others. And the action becomes contagious, and spreads, and explodes! What if we could do this, and make it harder and harder for evil to have a place to go in the first place. Now don't get me wrong; I am still a sheep dog at heart, and I want to attack a wolf when I see him and know he is a wolf. But let's encourage each other to do more random acts of kindness when evil is NOT present, and maybe...just maybe - evil will run out of places to hide.

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