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Sons of Liberty...Do we have any today?

So I have to say, I just finished watching the History Channel mini-series, Sons of Liberty...and I thought it was very well done. What I got from the film was the fact that someone, whether it was truly Samuel Adams, or someone else - but someone had to be pretty darn convincing to get the other colonies to go to war with the most powerful military of that age. I mean the show hammered it home with the performance of whichever actor played Samuel Adams. When his monologue at the Second Continental Congress was finished, I wished I could have been alive back then to scoop up my musket and join his cause! Heck, when George Washington speaks at all in the film, the actor really made you feel like there was a passionate, extremely strong charismatic man. So here's my problem. Where are they now? To me it is blatantly obvious that our current leaders (let's just call them brain washers) are constantly adding more and more levels of control - namely to social classes. Of course the masses are oblivious, because the lower class get so much handed to them, they are blindly dependent on the providers of Obama phones and free health care, and they definitely want to keep the free stuff coming. But the masses are too ignorant to realize that all that free stuff will eventually lead to slavery...not slavery like the old days in America, but slavery to a system. Meanwhile, the rich will keep paying for the poor to receive their freebies until the slavery days come, and they won't really suffer that much from it other than it is such an inconvenience to them to shell out an extra few million out of their already existent millions. And the middle class just keeps on trudging along, getting closer and closer to lower class, but not quite getting there because they have too much dignity and still believe in hard work to make a living! So where are the vocal leaders? Where are the truly passionate men, or women, who can actually see this same thing that I see? The current system is so divided, and conspiracy theorist or not - I don't trust either side very much...the Right wing WAY more than the Left, but I still think every politician today has their own selfish agenda. I need to believe in someone like the characters of this series made me want to believe. After watching Sons of Liberty, I felt like I did when I was a little kid. I felt like I had just re-discovered true heroes. I felt like I could be proud to be an American. I long to see someone rise up and be that charismatic leader, who stands for what is right again, instead of what we all need to SUBMIT to, or instead of someone who wants to tell us what's best for us, instead of letting us ALL work hard for a living, and learn to think and discover what is best for us ALL, INDIVIDUALLY! I don't feel like I can be this leader; I am too black and white for most people, and I really don't compromise well. I think a true leader has to be able to make SOME compromise, and I am not that guy. However, I feel that there are enough other people out there who share this sentiment. I feel like maybe, if enough people read blog posts like this, and post their own material of similar content...then maybe, just maybe the RIGHT person will see this yearning for a rebirth of the country we once knew. The Declaration of Independence said that we all have the right for the "pursuit of happiness". It did not say that the big government will provide your happiness, or find some other suckers to pay to buy you happiness. It also did not say that we would make people be supposed leaders of our country, only to turn the capital city into a country club, and to turn the highest position in the land into a job chuck-full of vacations! So if you read this, and you agree...pass it on. We need some modern day Sons of Liberty. I challenge someone out there to be just that. If you read this, and you feel like you have that strong overwhelming powerful personality that is just contagious enough to spread what you stand for like Wildfire, then by all means, DO IT! Because frankly, it's been a long time since I felt like I lived in the America I once knew.

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