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Who's for Freedom? I, for one, refuse to give up mine...

The dictionary defines Freedom as the power to determine action without restraint. It also defines it as personal liberty; the opposite of bondage or slavery. Yet we are seeing more and more examples each and every single day (especially under our current Muslim president's RULE) of Christians losing their freedom. Air Force cadets and Army men have been told they can't talk about their faith, and they can't leave bible verses written on marker boards outside of rooms. Prayer isn't allowed in schools (yet we will consider the idea of broadcasting Muslim prayer over a college campus - hmmm). Chaplains can assist soldiers and law enforcement families as long as they don't offend other religions by praying out loud. Nativity scenes have been taken down in some townships because it offends the Muslims. A Christian prayer is no longer accepted as proper before sporting events, so we now have to have Moments of Silence to respect other religions. However - there is a double standard. Our children are taught about Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and other -isms in History classes, but the character of Jesus Christ, and 'mere Christianity' are hardly mentioned, in case it offends someone. We are taught by society that Islam is a 'peaceful religion', and Christians are too judgmental and too conservative. We have to consider Muslim wishes of absolutely NO pictorial representations of their great prophet, yet people can poke fun of and trash Christianity all they want. We can condemn a man for stating his beliefs in Jesus, but put sexy celebrities on a pedestal and celebrate their promotion of promiscuity. We are forced to pay into a healthcare system that promotes the killing of unborn babies by the thousands - something against the very fabric of Christian teaching, just so the big government can bring in more dependents into this society for US to take care of. We are limited to where Bibles can be allowed, yet people can freely give away copies of the Quran on college campuses. Anybody seeing the double standard yet? Seems to me everyone that gets all weird feeling (maybe that's conviction trying to tell you something) about Christianity gets to determine their own actions, while the Christians are the only ones being restrained. All the people who think they are bigger than God, and don't have enough gumption to admit that they are flawed individuals like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US are the ones who are getting personal liberties, while we Christians are being told to hold back some of the liberties we USED TO have! I'm going to let people in on a little secret - if something offends you, DON'T READ IT. DON'T WATCH IT. MOVE ON. But just like you don't want Christians telling you how to live your lives, don't force your beliefs on us, either. Frankly, I am tired of it. I grew up in what once was a great nation. God willing, it will be again, but if we as Christians don't start speaking out more, before you know it, there will be CHRISTIAN Concentration camps! It's happened in history before, people. Get your heads on - Christians helped build this great country, so stop hating on us. You don't have to believe what we believe, but don't tell us we CAN'T believe what we believe. Here's the kicker...your guilty conscience can't change my mind. It can't change my heart. It can't change Franklin Graham's heart. It can't change the heart of the Christian who dies execution style kneeling before some thug in a head rag over his face because he's too much of a coward to let the world see who he truly is! So why try. Just let us be, and we will let you be. There's a difference in a Christian telling you that you might not get to heaven if you don't change your belief system, and a non-Christian telling us we aren't allowed to do anything to exhibit our faith. A HUGE difference. I will grant you this - the Crusaders in the middle ages went about things the wrong way. But that was hundreds of years ago. The bulk of Christians for the past several hundred years have spread the word of Christ by sharing His good news...certainly not by offing people's heads because of a picture they drew. Seriously, if you want separation of Church and State - Fine. But it needs to put all religions on an equal playing field. It does not need to allow one form of religion to become dominant, or rather - domineering, and single out another just because it doesn't make you feel good about yourself. I am just telling you right now - I am for freedom. Let someone try to force me to denounce God or Christ - it won't happen. There is nothing anyone can do. And I am glad to say I feel the same about everyone else - I want you to believe what you believe. But don't tell me I can't. If you're feeling froggy and feel the same way, spread the word. Christians have just as much right to freedom as anyone else.

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