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Welcome to the website of Indie Author, Jason E. Fort. Please feel free to browse around. I began with my first Christian thriller, Misguided, back in 2014. Since then I've written seven other thrillers, all connected to the first one. I've also written a couple of thrillers inspired by the very law enforcement job that keeps the bills paid every day, and they make up the first two books of a Small Town trilogy. I also self-published four books about my family history, as well as my blog posts from almost eight years of writing about the world around me. My favorite story to date was first written using Amazon Vella, and has since become a book on Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. It is a Christian Historical fiction novella, based on events surrounding one of my favorite stories in the New Testament. I am also a pretty sociable fellow, and I would love for you to join my fan base, The Foundation. If that doesn't interest you, at least get to know what makes this author's mind tick, and visit my blog; lots of takes on my view and interpretation of the world - and I love comments (within reason). If you were looking for an author who writes stories about violence, action, mayhem, espionage, political intrigue, conspiracy, and thrilling adventures - you stopped at the right website. But my stories take on much more, and I challenge you, the potential readers, to dive into the stories and see what else you find. No matter how dark circumstances get in our world, my mission is to point to one particular Light that shines through the darkest of nights. Whether it's the Knox Mission, or one of the many miniseries yet to come, join me as I try to reveal a little light in the darkness. Below, you can find some highlighted features regarding books, and navigation menus for the rest of the site are at the top of this page. Thank you for stopping by - and God bless!
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Small Town Series - Book 2, Small Town Politics released
In the fictional county of Henderson, South Carolina, small towns make up more than half of what happens in the county. Bennie Brookshire is a county deputy; a school resource officer at that - and he finds himself caught up in the middle of criminal conspiracy, political games, and murder. All the man wanted was to rest and work at a slower pace than his days with the Tactical K-9 unit, but not much will come easy for Bennie, as you follow his adventures that eventually lead him right to the heart of everything, in Graham Trail, South Carolina.
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A book that tells the story of three men and their beginnings, and how God blessed their brotherhood, as well as their upbringing. We all had lives before we found our jobs, or callings, or built new families. This happens to be our story...a story of how three boys grew up to love each other for the brothers they are, and how differences between brothers can make them stronger. When you read about my life with my brothers, I don't want you to only see us, and the flawed human beings that we are. I want readers to see that despite those flaws, due to the way we were raised, and the weight our father placed on the importance of faith and family, we've formed bonds that are unbreakable. Even when those bonds were tested, God had a hand in how strong our brotherhood became. I hope and pray that others read our story, and think on their own relationships with their own brothers and sisters. Maybe it can stir a few of your own memories as you read mine.
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Still have several paperbacks on hand. Save yourself the shipping _)_Message me if interes


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The Decapolis Man


In the book of Mark, the fifth chapter, Jesus expelled many demons from a man in the region of the Gadarenes. When Christ exorcised the demons, the man wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus told him to go throughout his home cities and tell people his story. This story will follow the man named Lucius, from the time when he became cursed by demons, to his encounter with Jesus Christ, to his spontaneous ministry throughout the ten cities of the Decapolis. Get to know Lucius, his friends Levi and Darian, and perhaps even get to know the One they call Jesus, from a unique perspective. See how Jesus not only sets Lucius free, but helps three men realize who their true Master really is. Perhaps, readers can also connect the dots to other people in the Bible along the way.

Thoughts on Jason's first book, Misguided!

"Guide Me I pray. We have enemies at our gates, and I need to rally the troops.Lord, help me have courage to bring these merciless killers to justice. Father, I don't just pray for justice for my mom and dad. I pray for justice to the enemy behind all such mindless and pointless acts of violence. I want to be a part of the flames that lick the feet of these sinners as they descend into Hell."
Written words of prayer from the Jesus Assassin

The suspense of phenomenal character development revelations and anticipation of unveiling hidden circumstances, make this book simply impossible to put down!


---Anonymous Review from

Enjoyed having good characters who made me care for each of them, even Brady because of his losses! Had good presentation of good versus evil as well as why one's beliefs can be good or evil in certain situations. Can't wait to see what John and Malik are up to next and enjoyed some "local" color since I live in North Carolina and visit Greenville, SC often. Good book!!


---Review from

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ALSO NEW in 2023

In a letter to America...

What would you say, if you could adress a letter to America? This author has done just that, in the form of a twenty-chapter book. Within the pages, you will see that Fort wanted to share his father's life story, because he believes the whole nation could learn something from his dad's story. For his story is much like so many other God-fearing men who worked behind the scenes of America. In this letter divided into chapters, you will be reminded of America's Christian roots, lost ethics that used to be prevalent in this country, and a better idea of who America needs to remember is the real hero for us all. If nothing else, the author shares this story to carry on his own father's legacy in his own way - but that Way he follows is also the truth, and the life. Prepare for strong language, and passion behind the words, because this author's message is meant to expose all readers to Truth, and perhaps nothing in life can cut so deep.

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A departure from my Christian thrillers...this book follows the lives of my grandparents; members of the Greatest generation. See more in the summary on Amazon. Just follow link below.

Veterans, click the veteran button to send me your email, and I want to either gift you a Kindle version or ship a free copy to you. THANK YOU
This personal memoir lets readers follow the author's journey through the past, as he reminisces good times and hard times spent with the two greatest friends he ever had. But this memoir is more than just an author's recollection of memories of his grandmothers. As you join 'Officer Fort' on a tour through some of his favorite memories of Nannie and Granny, perhaps you will see how these two women put God first, and helped steer a young man's life to a career in law enforcement. As you turn the pages, perhaps you will also remember friends or family that shaped your life. This memoir is sure to touch your soul, and at least help you appreciate friends and family. But the author hopes you also see how both admirable women helped him keep his eyes on God. God gave us all our beloved friends and family. It is up to each of us to keep their memories alive, even if that means just living our lives the way their influence taught us. It's almost as if God planned it that way.










Check out the Author's interview with a Southern blogger from Alabama, Jase Rosenburg!

Also had the chance to write as a guest at Tierney James' site, about safety tips when traveling. Click on the picture for the link.

My review for a fellow officer's tale of a career as an undercover narcotics officer: "Grounsell introduces the general public to the underworld of the illegal drug trade, and shows just how dangerous and stressful the job of an undercover cop can get. If you want action and adrenaline, with plenty of details and reason given behind what undercover narcotics officers do, and the stress they put themselves under, then you need to get Keith Grounsell's A Narc's Tale, TODAY. This is just the first of four volumes, and I can't wait to read more!"-----Click on the pic to buy his book!

Another chance to meet a fellow author at Killer Nashville, 2018. Amy Rivers gives me a chance here to describe my writing journey, as well as feature the new book, Hunting Parties. See it here by clicking the picture.


























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Follow this Christian soldier's march, from the 'cradle' to the grave - in the life story of Billy White. Read a book and gain insight to my family, the 'Greatest Generation,' and the psychological struggles soldiers like him face due to combat. Whether the reader remembers the main character as 'Billy,' or 'Granddaddy' - this emotional story based on the real life of my grandfather is sure to grab your attention and appreciate the experiences of those who volunteer service to our country.

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