Welcome to the website of Indie Author, Jason E. Fort. Please feel free to browse around. Of course this author would love for you to check out my Christian fiction novels and order a few while you are here. But I am also a pretty sociable fellow, and I would love for you to join my fan base, The Foundation. If that doesn't interest you, at least get to know what makes this author's mind tick, and visit my blog; lots of takes on my view and interpretation of the world - and I love comments (within reason). If you were looking for an author who writes stories about violence, action, mayhem, espionage, political intrigue, conspiracy, and thrilling adventures - you stopped at the right website. But my stories take on much more, and I challenge you, the potential readers, to dive into the stories and see what else you find. No matter how dark circumstances get in our world, my mission is to point to one particular Light that shines through the darkest of nights. Whether it's the Knox Mission, or one of the many trilogies yet to come, join me as I try to reveal a little light in the darkness. Below, you can find some highlighted features regarding books, and navigation menus for the rest of the site are at the top of this page. Thank you for stopping by - and God bless! 
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FEATURING My Very Own Anthology!
Short stories about everything...This book is a collection of short stories by author Jason E. Fort. All stories contained within reveal dark realities of the world around us, yet if readers look close, there is still light to find. Some stories are just for fun; some stories aim to teach a lesson. But all the stories and musings come from the thoughts of the author - and he wishes to share those thoughts with anyone who'll read them. If you want stories full of action, comedy, wisdom, violence, guns, knives, military, world orders, conspiracy, time travel, family, authenticity, love, truth, fiction, history, politics, religion, and everything else in between... well then look no further than this collection of works by Jason E. Fort.


The Knox Mission - The Jesus Assassin


What would you do if the people who mattered most were suddenly torn from you by radicals bent on nothing but violence against your very own beliefs? What if you had the means to carry out clandestine missions for the government, all the while using your resources to assassinate those who represent the very religion you hate? Would you refrain from such activity, or would you let vengeance lead the way, and be seen by the rest of the world to be Misguided? Join Agents John Knox and Beth White, along with Inspector Malik Sharif from Interpol, on a journey to catch the elusive Jesus Assassin - a term coined by the top media outlet in the world. Follow the investigators along, as they discover government secrets and coverups, along with family tragedy. See if they can catch the assassin, before someone else does.

"Guide Me I pray. We have enemies at our gates, and I need to rally the troops.Lord, help me have courage to bring these merciless killers to justice. Father, I don't just pray for justice for my mom and dad. I pray for justice to the enemy behind all such mindless and pointless acts of violence. I want to be a part of the flames that lick the feet of these sinners as they descend into Hell."
Written words of prayer from the Jesus Assassin

The suspense of phenomenal character development revelations and anticipation of unveiling hidden circumstances, make this book simply impossible to put down!


---Anonymous Review from Amazon.com

Forget what you think you know!

Imagine a world where America is no longer the nation it once was; a world where apocalypse has brought down much of the infrastructure, and a large band of warriors left over from the days of the USA hold out in the base at Mount Weather, Virginia. What happens when the soldiers and lookouts at Mount Weather experience the inexplicable, with werewolves, and the undead, and demons, and things that creep around on the ground? Where are these strange phenomena coming from? What is the source of their power? Find out what Paul meant in the New Testament when he said we face powers of evil from the heavenly realms as well as the dark forces of this world. As the Maronite Christian Order and the military remnants of the Southern States of America find themselves in great peril, discover truth alongside the legendary Robert Brady and his friends, as the power of the Holy One reveals that Robert Brady serves a greater purpose; one that allows him to see the unseen, and fight as a holy warrior for God. But along the way, Robert stumbles upon secrets that the devil holds, that allow his power to affect our physical world. Can Brady and company use the secret against one of Satan’s generals to score a victory for their Heavenly Father? Can the believers overcome insurmountable odds, as demons form legions against them? It’s Open Season on evil, and the Hunters aim to settle the score with demons once and for all.
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What happens when John Knox, Naseem, Malik, and members of the Maronite Christian Order re-unite with a former foe?










Check out the Author's interview with a Southern blogger from Alabama, Jase Rosenburg!

Also had the chance to write as a guest at Tierney James' site, about safety tips when traveling. Click on the picture for the link.

My Editorial Review for a fellow officer's tale of a career as an undercover narcotics officer: "Grounsell introduces the general public to the underworld of the illegal drug trade, and shows just how dangerous and stressful the job of an undercover cop can get. If you want action and adrenaline, with plenty of details and reason given behind what undercover narcotics officers do, and the stress they put themselves under, then you need to get Keith Grounsell's A Narc's Tale, TODAY. This is just the first of four volumes, and I can't wait to read more!"-----Click on the pic to buy his book!

Another chance to meet a fellow author at Killer Nashville, 2018. Amy Rivers gives me a chance here to describe my writing journey, as well as feature the new book, Hunting Parties. See it here by clicking the picture.


























Enjoyed having good characters who made me care for each of them, even Brady because of his losses! Had good presentation of good versus evil as well as why one's beliefs can be good or evil in certain situations. Can't wait to see what John and Malik are up to next and enjoyed some "local" color since I live in North Carolina and visit Greenville, SC often. Good book!!


---Review from Amazon.com

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