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Victory and Hope for Life

The little boy I'm holding in the photo was born 20 years ago. I've shared the story of how my wife and I lost his twin brother some 7 months or so into the pregnancy. But I remember earlier in the pregnancy, getting to see TWO distinct heartbeats. I remember seeing the small little bodies, looking so similar to one another, both with little head profiles similar to my wife's, on the black and white moving image of the ultrasound. Both little figures on the screen at Dr. Craig's office were ALIVE.

Before today, it was federal law that any woman who chose to, pretty much in any state as long as it wasn't too late into the pregnancy (and of course in barbaric New York and other leftist bastions, all the way up to time of birth), a mother could abort the pregnancy. Studies show that most of those choices to abort were not made under extreme duress, nor because of rape or incest, but mostly for the inconvenience or lack of financial feasibility of raising a child.

But today, moral truth about life won a victory. Although it is more political, and the decision is tied more closely to states' rights in our political system of government, that doesn't change the fact that now, because some states will rule on the MORAL side of truth, more babies will at least have hope of being born into this world.

Let's face it. Years ago, when Roe vs Wade was originally decided, the rights of women everywhere were being championed. There is nothing wrong with standing up for women's rights...when those rights are actually in question. Just like a criminal loses certain rights when they break man's laws, if a man and woman break God's law, what do you think can happen? Do the parents get to act defiant in the face of God, and decide to undo what His creation was designed to do in the first place? And then the question that so often gets swept under the rug - who speaks for the rights of the unborn child? How many children have been born, who were almost aborted, and have come forward to speak on how thankful they are that they were not aborted? More than you might think.

Now those little unborn lives have a little hope; hope that politicians will act ethically and morally in each state. The abortions will still occur in certain states and cities. But the fact that several states and cities have already come forward and shut down abortions altogether, tells me that God has His mighty hand in this.

Now, because of the morally sound decision made by the US Supreme Court on June 24, 2022, maybe more little lives can enter this world, whether parents decide to strive through crisis pregnancies and raise their own children, or parents adopt those babies who would otherwise have more difficult lives if they remained with mothers not ready to be mothers.

Maybe, just maybe, more little children can enter this world, and grow up to be young men and women like the son we have, on this side of Heaven.

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