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These Are the Brothers I Know

From seeing them grow up from little tikes,

To learning about all their worries and their gripes-

From watching them both show they know how to work,

To hoping they don't see their biggest brother as a jerk-

These are the brothers I know.

From athletic little guys who I used to show off to the girls

To businessmen, husbands, and fathers who aren't afraid to 'give it a whirl'-

From church going young bucks whose walks started out like mine,

To Christian young men whose customs have stood the test of time-

These are the brothers I know.

From fanatics of sports to lovers of social graces

To the young fellas I remember, tying up their laces-

From going on family hikes, to fighting each other in the car

To secretly wishing that each one of us goes far-

These are the brothers I know.

From bouts with Mom and Dad, when we strongly disagree

To thrilling mom and dad due to our latest victory-

From losing close friends, taken before their time,

To meeting new friends who are now friends of mine-

These are the brothers I know.

From goofy bowl haircuts, sitting and posing with a smile

To giant family photos to give to the folks once in a while-

From blowing out each others' candles and stealing cookie cake

To celebrating all our kids' birthdays and earning new headaches-

These are the brothers I know.

From asking God at first, 'Lord please give me a little brother'

To deciding next time maybe a sister, but ha! I got another.

From seeing their milestones in life, not that long after me

To seeing them now as men, raising their families...

I haven't always been the best to them, ask them and you'll see

But most of my life it's been, 'Nobody messes with my brothers 'cept me!"

So from thinking about times growing up, to our latest conversations

To me sitting down and writing this poem just to show appreciation

They might not always understand how much I love them so-

But God in Heaven I thank you, these are the brothers I know.

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