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The Voice of God... Can We Hear Him Now?

Prayer is our open phone line to God, and He has blessed us with that connection almost since the dawn of man (He spoke directly to Adam and Eve). But can we ever hear the voice of God?

I have never claimed to have any supernatural gifts. I have never experienced true supernatural experiences in the physical sense. But I do think that if we are devoted to prayer with God, when we take the time to digest what we ourselves have asked or told God, He can effect our thoughts to know His will in our lives; His direction for us to do what is right by His will. Or, of course, because He IS God, I have no doubt if He were to actually talk, we could actually hear what He has to stay. But I also think we may not hear him at all because there is so much in this world that we allow to interfere with our signal.

Let me explain this from a unique perspective that many people may be able to relate to. I wasn't always a police officer. I wasn't always suspicious or cautious and alert. I didn't always try to determine others' intentions. I used to be a pretty laid back, happy-go-lucky guy who just wanted to have fun and get to know people. I used to always assume the best in others, and I was very trusting of others - almost to a fault. Yet part of me was always protective by nature; I always tried to look out for people less fortunate than me; I became bigger and stronger as I grew up, and I enjoyed physical challenges in strength. But I also learned a lot about people through different career paths along the way. And the more I learned, while still prayerful with God, I would ask questions... and I would take the time to listen. And the funny thing about it is the more I listened, before law enforcement, the more I felt like God was leading me towards something, and teaching me strange lessons by some of the unique opportunities presented. Yet I feel like being in law enforcement over the last seven years, I have allowed more and more to interfere with the signal between me and my Lord and Savior. Ironic, huh?

While part of me is still that free-spirited, laid back guy, there is a struggle with the strange call to protect. And the vigilance I have taken on both as a training officer and author has lead me to take the focus off what God says sometimes because I've been distracted by the evil I see around me... around us. I listened to a YouTube video that made a similar analogy today, and I thought about how my life and present career may have even interfered with the signal. It is like I have a cell phone and God is on the other end, but I am driving through the mountains. The signal comes and goes, yet God always hears us on His end. So if I keep my eyes on the road, in the direction I am supposed to be on, eventually that signal will come in nice and strong once again. But I can't get too mad about the interrupted signal; if I hang up, that is on me - because God isn't going to cut me off on His end, as long as I accept what Jesus did for me, and try to spread that good news.

This analogy inspired me today. There is some reason why, when I was listening out the most, God somehow lead me to feel the need to protect others or teach them things to make them feel safer. But despite the evil that I warn so many people about, that seems to pervade our society and culture, I am still going to take the time to listen. I am going to try to focus on the positive a little more, even though I want to remain alert. I will not become complacent, but perhaps if I don't become too paranoid, then I can find that long straight away on occasion, and I can tune in a little closer to hear the voice of God speaking in my life.

So (a friend of mine hates it when you start a sentence this way :) ) what are some of the things in your life, perhaps interfering with your signal, on that open channel to God? Be patient, take time to listen, and focus on the positive things Jesus teaches. Sure, there is a thickness of evil out there. But if we try to listen, and still take time to speak to God, too, then maybe we really can hear Him now.

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