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Hold On to Your Heart Strings

Today I wanted to give an in-depth review of a book I just finished, written by a fellow author who lives in Alabama. Jase Rosenburg wrote a wonderful, emotionally and spiritually gripping story called Bryan's Journey. At first, I enjoyed the story because of the familiarity I have with the southern, lower middle class culture, and the good old fashioned things in life that Jase describes so well. But as I kept reading, Jase's story went deeper...and deeper. Bryan's Journey is a novel that really does tell the story of a young man's journey. But what seems to start as just a well written story to convey the ideas of good moral values like work ethic, and appreciating family - goes on to tell a story of a more spiritual journey. Now first, let me go ahead and tell you...this is not my typical choice of novel. I read thrillers. I love action, and I love to write action...and according to my editor, I'm pretty good at it. But what Jase does so well in this book is he takes the pace of the story, and makes the feelings and emotions that should be felt by the reader (if you have a pulse) and causes the same type of roller coaster that my action sequences cause when you read my books or the works of similar authors like Brad Thor, Ted Dekker, Tom Clancy. There were times when I would get a little mad at the main character...I thought the 16 year old Bryan in the story was just being just a bit ungrateful. Then there are other times where I was absolutely floored by the compassion and care shown by Bryan's grandfather in the story. There were times when the dang book made my eyes well up...and there were even times I wanted to sing! If you want a book that takes you up, and down, and side to side like a roller coaster - here it is! But the themes present in the story are the most important, I think. And Jase does not hold back the punches when it comes to showing that: 1)We should never take our family or loved ones for granted. Hold on to the ones you love with all your heart. Appreciate them while they are here - because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. 2)The power of prayer is real, and we should be persistent with it; the more persistent we are, the more proof God gives us that He hears us. 3)Bullying sucks...don't do it. :) 4)Miracles happen; get over it. There are some things in this world that just cannot be scientifically explained. But the good news is God has an answer - even if He doesn't share the explanation with us. 5)There is no greater power in the universe than love...and God is love. So there you have it...I may include some more of these sporadic reviews to help out other fellow indie authors out there. But give Jase a read. He also has another one: The Lobby. Please check out his link HERE!!!!!!!!

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