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Where is the light in the darkness?

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a fallen world; a dark world. If you turn on the news, it doesn't take long to hear dark news about ISIS kidnapping and decapitating Christians, or police shooting criminals who have just killed someone else, or an obviously evil country trying to obtain nuclear weapons, or traffic accidents with some high number of deaths, or some homicide that resulted from a domestic dispute, or thousands of people killed in a natural disaster. Like I said, we live in a dark world. But guess what happens in those dark events - somewhere, if you know what to look for, or where to look...there's light! There is light somewhere, most likely in someone's story. A Christian woman is allowed to live, gets released from the terrorists, and tells her tale. A police officer gives his testimony, and somehow, family and friends realize the officer was protecting others , and the suspect made poor choices. A traffic officer or doctor informs families of accident victims of death, and is touched by the bond they see amongst loved ones. A man who murdered his wife goes to jail for life, but miraculously is saved in prison when he accepts Jesus through involvement with the prison ministry. A country reveals its true colors through it's hatred of Israel, and the world sees them for who they really are. A person survives a terrible disaster, and goes on to proclaim their survival as a miracle from God. All of this could happen. But it might doesn't matter; we have Jesus. Don't you see? The darkest events in the world can happen, but if you believe in what God has done for ALL of us, there is still a light you can find through all that darkness. THAT is why I will write my stories. THAT will be HOW I write my stories. My mission, truly revealed to me through the gift of story telling, is to reveal to people through fiction that despite all the darkness present in this world, there is still light...Jesus is that light. This is my mission. This is my quest. This is my platform. I am standing at the edge of the platform. There is dark water below. I can't turn back now; God has shown me the light, and I have to tell the rest of the world. Surely others of YOU out there are aware of the light. There are people drowning in the darkness below, and the darkness is all they see. It is up to the people that have seen the light to show the others. Join me at the edge, won't you? Join me on this mission, this quest. Join me on this's time to dive into the darkness, and show others to the light.

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